HIST 121
The West and the World
The West and the World
HIST 122
The West and the World
HIST 122
The West and the World (Indp)
HIST 200
The Native American Experience
HIST 221
History of the United States
HIST 222
History of the United States
HIST 240
Middle Eastern History
HIST 242
Modern East Asian History
HIST 254
History of Christianity
History of Christianity
HIST 257
African History
HIST 274
Study Tour: English History in Context
HIST 275
History of England
HIST 283
Latin America
HIST 305
The Ancient Near East
HIST 306
Classical Greece and Rome
HIST 307
Reform and Revolt
HIST 315
Topics in the History of Philosophy
HIST 335
The World Wars
HIST 337
Baseball and American Culture
HIST 354
American History and Visual Culture
HIST 357
The African American Experience
HIST 359
The American Economy (or ECON 359)
HIST 360
Science and The Enlightenment
HIST 382
Historical Biography
HIST 391
The Craft of History
HIST 392
HIST 394
Directed Reading
HIST 395
Methods of Teaching Social Studies
HIST 414
Topics in Asian History
HIST 415
Topics in Ancient History
HIST 436
Religion in American History
HIST 437
Medieval and Renaissance Europe
HIST 440
History of Social and Political Philosophy
HIST 443
Colonial and Revolutionary America
HIST 445
The Civil War and Reconstruction
HIST 446
History of the Pacific Northwest
HIST 448
The Emergence of Modern America
HIST 449
Recent American History
HIST 450
America Overseas
HIST 463
Women and Society in Early Modern Europe
HIST 466
Age of Revolutions (1789-1849)
HIST 474
Study Tour: English Reformation
HIST 490
HIST 495
HIST 496
HIST 497
HIST 498